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Jul. 14th, 2006 @ 01:51 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Longview--Green Day
Welcome, one and all, to "fa_lamboyant!!" That's right, a community for all those of us (Gay, Bi, Les, Metro, straight but just plain flamboyant!) who have serious trouble being grey, grey drones and want to express ourselves in... A LIVEJOURNAL!!! EXCITING!

Now my dears, a few things have come to my attention, and I think these need pointing out. I, by the way, am bi--for reference and curiosity's sake--and have recently been enjoying a very wet spell. As opposed to the dry spell that my life usually is. Wet spell folks, that's right. Just today, I made out in public with a decently attractive guy; though, of course, "public" means a darkened theatre. And making out means a few hasty--well, not so hasty maybe >.>--tongue kisses. That's kinda odd, don't y'all think?

But then again, people amuse me in general: they will watch war, death, pain, disease, hetero sex, hetero foreplay, and lesbian sex. But you stick two guys into a scene who are seriously macking, and someone, I guarantee, will describe it as pornographic. Even in person. "It's pornographic!"

Yes, that's right. We're filming porno in the theatre. It's kind of a guy-next-door plot for this one... basically, we meet, watch a movie, and occasionally exchange a... sloppy... kiss. That's our version of porno. Smutty, eh?

If these people remembered a time when they could see their toes and didn't have wrinkled everything (or a midlife crisis, don't wanna stereotype JUST the fat and the old) they'd probably shrug this off and move on. Why? Because almost anyone who grew up around theatres remembers doing naughty things in them.

Other interesting fact: the armrests are seriously there as barriers, not "rests." Honestly, try resting your arm on one--it's gonna cut off circulation SO fast. Forget sharing one, just one to yourself gets the fingers tingly. I swear, they're there to get in the way! And by the way, those who decided that right-by-the-knee is a good place for the drink-holder thingies should die. Right now. By having their knees slammed repeatedly into plastic until they bleed to death.

*takes deep breath*

Oh, I have to say that this is worth trying. Go up to a friend, and in a public place, start discussing how hot the sex you had with a same-sex partner was last night. Give details. I guarantee, someone around will turn red or begin to stutter. This is the best reaction ever. Why do I do this? Am I being obnoxious by rubbing in my sexuality? Well, maybe, but maybe it's to make sure that what's normal doesn't become taboo again. Because let's be honest: we're here, we're queer, it's about time to get over it.
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